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Soups & Salads

Salad with Tomatos and cheese
Green leaf


4 Varieties Made Daily

• Regular (16 oz.) • Large (32 oz.) 

All soups come with complimentary bread.

All vegetarian soups are made with vegetable broth.

Green leaf


priced per half pound 

Red Skin Potato 
Red skin potatoes, sliced onion & garlic
with Italian vinaigrette


Greek Salad 

Tomatoes, feta cheese, cucumbers, red onion, Kalamata olives, oregano & vinaigrette 


Roasted Pepper

with oregano, oil & vinegar


Grape tomatoes, red onion & vinaigrette 


Barley or Cous Cous

chickpeas, cashews, raisins, red & green bell pepper, craisins with honey & sesame oil 



Variety of cold cut meats and cheese, giardiniera salad, and Italian dressing

Marinated Mushrooms 

Celery, pimentos & seasoning

Bocconcini Mozzarella 

Grape tomatoes, parsley & extra virgin olive oil


Classic Macaroni, Potato or Cole Slaw

chopped peppers, carrots, mayo & vinegar 



Sliced hard-boiled eggs, mayo, salt & pepper 


Tortellini with Pesto 

Cheese tortellini with basil pesto

Fusilli with Ricotta Salata

sun-dried tomatoes, basil & a touch of olive oil


Shells with Broccoli

Sun-dried tomatoes with olive oil

Penne with Feta 

Spinach & tomato with olive oil

Pasta Primavera

Sautéed vegetables, garlic & oil


Mediterranean Orzo 

Pan-toasted orzo with chopped fresh spinach, onion, pimento, & sesame oil

Tuscan Bean

Kidney, black, garbanzo & cannellini beans with olive oil

White Meat Chicken

Celery & mayo

Wild Rice 

Walnuts, onion, green & red peppers,
soy sauce, raisins, craisins, sesame oil & honey 


Grilled Vegetable 

Red & green bell pepper, yellow & green squash, mushrooms, onions


Roasted vegetables, salt, pepper & olive oil


Sun-dried Tomato Chicken

with mayo & chopped sun-dried tomatoes


Curry Chicken

with green & red bell peppers & mayo


Grilled Chicken, Tomato & Basil


Southwest Chicken

with red and green bell peppers

Italian Tuna 

Pepperoncini, pimentos, celery, giardiniera, lemon & oil (no mayo)

Chunky Tuna or Shrimp 

celery & mayo

Jumbo Grilled Shrimp roasted peppers, parsley, & oil

Insalata di Mare (Fish salad)

Calamari, octopus, shrimp, pimentos,
celery, onions, olive oil & fresh lemon



Celery, onions, lemon & olive oil


Watermelon, mixed berries, papaya,
pineapple, canteloupe, honeydew


Lentil Salad

with an assortment of roasted vegetables

Tuna Pasta 

Mayo and blended pimento peppers

Kale or Arugula 

Shredded Parmigiano, tomatoes, onions 



Celery, onions, lemon & olive oil


Roasted peppers, parsley & olive oil



Tomatoes, onion, & extra virgin olive oil

Green leaf

Create Your Own Salad

Choice of Romaine, Spinach, Kale or Mixed Greens

Toppings Include:

Grilled Chicken • Pesto Grilled Chicken • Bacon • Cheddar • Mozzarella • Parmesan • Feta • Corn • Red Onion • Beets • Blue Cheese

Shredded Carrots • Cherry & Chopped Tomatoes • Garbanzo & Kidney Beans • Alfalfa Sprouts • Mushrooms • Sliced Black Olives

Raisins • Craisins • Croutons • Hard-Boiled Eggs • Assorted Nuts • Avocado

5 Toppings  Unlimited

Green leaf

Signature Salads

Greek Salad

romaine, feta, onion, tomato, olives, olive oil & vinegar


mixed greens, cheddar, tomato, corn, peppers, kidney beans, chipotle dressing


grilled chicken, bleu cheese, tomato,  hard-boiled egg, bacon, corn, ranch dressing


spinach, artichokes, mozzarella, roasted peppers, mushrooms, chickpeas, Italian dressing

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